Periodic Training

From the 10th September 2008 all D1 drivers, and from the10th September 2009 all LGV drivers (both newly licensed and holders of vocational licenses prior to the 10 September 2008/9) will have to undertake 35 hours of Periodic Training every 5 years to maintain entitlement to the Driver CPC.

Periodic Training


All Training courses undertaken must be of a minimum duration of 7 hours excluding breaks. However these courses can be split over a period of no more than 24 hours.



We believe that the quality and consistency of training in meeting the requirements of the Driver CPC are a critical factor in your choice of training provider and at AC Training Services we believe that as a RTITB Accredited training provider we are capable of providing the correct training requirements for your company drivers.


This training is delivered as part of the RTITB Master Driver flexible framework-training package there for meeting all the requirements of the Driver CPC syllabus for all sectors of industry and we can tailor fit the package to the specific needs of any company or individual.


The course is deliverable in the following five modules:


Module 1 - Drivers' Hours and Tachographs

Module 2 - Use of Vehicle Technical, Operational and Safety Systems

Module 3 - Safe and Economic Driving

Module 4 - Health and Safety

Module 5 - Systems & Procedures for Safe, Efficient & Secure Transport Operations


All of the five modules are accompanied by comprehensive presentations designed to be informative and educational, with particular emphasis on providing training sessions that are both enjoyable and memorable.


Some of the modules can be split to provide a more varied package and these can be presented over two sessions (evening courseís) within a 24 hour period.


Training Records:


Upon the completion of each module we will upload the drivers details onto the RTITB database so by providing an effective means of managing the drivers continued training requirements in relation to the Driver CPC. This system also enables employers to verify the level of training completed by a driver.


Upon completion of a module all students sit a 20 multiple choice question assessment paper and successful course members will receive a certificate of competence those that do not reach the required pass mark will receive a certificate of attendance. Whilst this question paper is not mandatory we believe it can help to identify any possible short falls in a drivers knowledge.


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